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Area rugs are a versatile, simple, and affordable flooring option to add to your home. An area rug can add an accent to a room, provide warmth and extra comfort underfoot, absorb sound, and protect the flooring underneath. The multiple sizes and styles of area rugs provide you with many different design options suitable for almost any room.

Area rugs can be hand-woven or machine made in a multitude of styles, designs, and materials. 60 years ago 90 percent of area rugs were hand-woven. Due to advances in technology and the decrease in cost that comes with machine-made rugs, only 2 percent of area rugs today are made by hand. A hand-made area rug can be a smart investment, as its value will appreciate over time.

Custom Size Area Rugs

The size of your area rug will depend on how much of your floor you want covered. There is no specific size that an area rug should be, but a good rule of thumb is to measure the dimensions of the room and subtract 3 feet. This will create a nice uniform border around the area rug.
Your options for color are virtually limitless. You can match other colors in the room, add depth, set a mood, add a texture to the room, and so much more.

  • Lighter-colored rugs can increase the perceived size of the room.

  • Darker colors can add coziness to a room and will hide dirt better than lighter colors.

  • Patterns and dark colors will show less wear in high-traffic areas.

  • Light colors will brighten up a room.

  • Area rugs also come in various different patterns. The most popular patterns are curvilinear, geometric, and pictorial. Area rug designs can contain more than one pattern, but are categorized according to whichever pattern is the most dominant.

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