Flooring Trends

Learn about the top flooring trends to compliment your home decor.

Home Design Trends

Creating a unique vision for your home includes using updated design inspiration to find the right look for your room. Flooring is part of the total design in any room and can add dimension, depth and design to help cement a look. In some ways, flooring has not changed much over the years. Homeowners want their floors to be durable and easy to clean while enriching the style of their home. However, new materials have been manufactured which can give the look of the style you want while offering further durability and more design options. To help you decide on a style for your floor, here are some of the latest trends.

Gray in Combination with Brown, Earth Tones

Gray is a popular color due to its neutrality and soft hue. Instead of black or navy blue as a neutral color, gray has a more sophisticated yet soothing feel. In fact, you can find many natural stone tiles in gray shades as well as gray wood floors. Other options in tile flooring include laminate and LVT which are easier to take care of than natural wood.

Brights and Whites

It used to be that a light-colored floor was never chosen because it was impossible to keep clean. However, with newer technology, it is easier to maintain flooring. Adding white or light colors to your floor will open up your room and give it a brighter feel. White is often used in combination with other colors for a pattern.

Luxurious Darks

Dark hues offer a luxurious depth reminiscent of chocolate or rich, decadent fabrics. You can find many floors in dark colors such as deep brown, charcoal or midnight that will add contrast to your room. If you accent the room with bright- or light-colored decor, you will have a very interesting room.

Recycled and Distressed

Distressed materials are very in style in home decor and fashion. You can create a lovely distressed rustic floor design using both natural and synthetic materials. With the use of natural or natural-like materials, you can create a comfortable homey setting that is right on trend.

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