How to Prevent Carpet Fading

Top carpet tips for a longer lasting carpet

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Easy Tips to Prevent Carpet from Fading

All carpeting inherently beings to fade with exposure to natural light.  The color intensity, type’s dyes and dying methods, location, and the amount of exposure to natural light will cause the carpet to fade.  The fading process beings the moment the carpet or rug is put in place as a normal process. 

Consider these tips to help prevent your carpet color from becoming dull:

  • Placement – Direct sunlight will fade carpet colors quicker than indirect light. If you have the option to keep carpeting or rugs to the center of the room, it will help prevent fading.

  • Blinds or Draperies – If you have blinds or drapes, close them during the day while you are not home or during the peak sun hours for the part of the house that the sun will be shining directly on the carpet.

  • Window Treatments – Using ultraviolet protective window treatments to block sunlight will help prevent sun damage to the carpeting.  These can be purchased as clear or tinted and are easily installed directly on the glass.

  • Fluorocarbon Protectors – Fluorocarbon carpet protectors can be purchased at most carpet stores.  It is a water-based stain that helps to protect carpets against oil, and water stains repels dirt to help improve the carpet’s appearance after cleaning.  This needs to be applied periodically, but it adds a layer of temporary protection to prevent your carpet from fading.

  • Cleaners – Many cleaners contain bleach, which will strip the carpet of color and increase fading.  It’s best to have carpet cleaning done by a professional if there is discoloration or stains that you are unable to remove with water.

How to Restore Carpet Color

If an area of your carpet has some fading, you may be able to reverse it easily.  Vacuum the area to remove any dirt. Make simple salt water cleaner by combing equal parts of salt and hot water, and then stir until the salt completely dissolves.  Apply it to the area with a damp cloth, allow it to dry, and then vacuum up the dried salt. This can help to restore the color loss. 

The carpeting in your home is an investment that you want to keep looking beautiful and new for as long as possible.  Using these tips and regularly scheduled carpet cleaning will help extend the color life of your carpet.

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