Pet Friendly Flooring

Learn about the best flooring option for your pet.

What Type of Flooring is Best for Dogs?

You may think just because you own pets, you can't have the home of your dreams. However, this isn't the case. Nowadays, the flooring options are limitless, and some even are pet friendly. You need to know what to look for in flooring to purchase some that will last. 

Pet Friendly Flooring Options

Carpet brands and collections such as Lees, Innovia Xtreme, Tigressa H20, and Stainmaster have proven their ability to stand up to the toughest stains, including pet urine and odor. All of our Carpet One brands at Eberhard Carpet One are pet-proof. These carpets are stain resistant and soil resistant. In addition, the carpet fibers don't retain the pet odors after clean-up. 

Scratch Resistant Floors

Unless Fluffy is declawed or you regularly trim his or her nails, you put your floor at risk for scratches. The scratches make the floor look dull and worn out. Vinyl is resistant to these scratches. Laminate and LVT works for homes with pets because it protects against scratches, especially with the flooring versions that come with a layer of additional protection. The laminate protects against stains and scuffs as well, so you won't have to worry about them when your pets get overly excited and slide across the floor or forget where their litter box is. 

Waterproof Flooring for Pets

Where there's a pet, there's moisture. From them spilling their water dishes to going to the bathroom to drooling to shaking off, they create a number puddles on your floor. While some hardwood floors require you to immediately clean up the spill to prevent it from leaving an unpleasant water stain, certain hardwood floors and LVT flooring have a finish to protect against spills, meaning you won't have to worry about it damaging your floor or your home forever wreaking of animal. 

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