How to Remove Hair from Carpet

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How to Remove Hair from Carpet

If you have a cat or dog, then you are well aware of the problems they can cause to your carpet.

Urine spotting is the most common complaint. You not only have unsightly blotches but have to deal with the annoying smell. Pets also damage carpet with their dirty paws. Yet, nothing is as difficult to eradicate as shed pet hair.

Yes, most breeds of dogs and cats shed. Some do it all the time, others go through seasonal shedding. Regardless, you wind up with hair in the carpet that, if left untreated, results in a dirty, matted look.

How do I get Pet Hair out of Carpet?

To help pet owners deal with the issue of shedding, here are some tips on removing hair from your carpet.

  1. Cleaning Carpet with a Sponge Mopping Technique: Vacuum the spots where you see the most hair and then take out your every day sponge mop. Dip the mop in water. Next, slide the mop over the carpet. This sliding will cause the pet hair to surface. In most cases, you will see clumps of hair. Vacuum the carpet again to get rid of these visible clumps and any underlying pet hair.

  2. Cleaning Carpet with Baking Soda: Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet. Let it sit for five minutes and then vacuum. The baking soda will attract the pet hair and deodorize the room at the same time.

  3. Using a Carpet Cleaning Rake: Many households use a carpet rake, available at most home and garden stores. These tools run along the carpet and agitate debris. Pet hair and other unwanted items surface for you to then vacuum them up easily.

  4. Get Professional Help: Never forget that it is always best to seek professional help when performing maintenance on your carpet. Just contact us for more information on their valuable pet hair removing services.

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