Stainmaster Carpets

Get the protection you need from everyday wear and accidental spills

Stainmaster Pet Protect

Stainmaster carpets are North America’s best known and most trusted carpet brand in the industry. Trust isn’t given, it is earned, and Stainmaster has proven its abilities one floor at a time. However, with so many carpet brands available, and with notable features such as waterproof constructions and stain resistance, you may be wondering what separates Stainmaster from the competition. Stainmaster provides extra assurance with its resiliency, durability, and nylon fibers. 

Stainmaster Certification

Stainmaster carpets are required to meet very strict requirements. This is part of the brand's certification, which many carpet competitors won’t pass. The requirements include durability, stain and soil resistance, and anti-static. In addition, the carpet cushion makes cleaning that much easier. The breathable moisture barrier prevents spills and pet urine from soaking through the carpet and into the cushion and subfloor. This makes clean-up that much easier and vacuuming a breeze. Also, this proprietary barrier will stop stains from reappearing. 

What Are Stainmaster Carpets Made of?

Known for its stain resistance, Stainmaster’s LotusFX Fiber Shield and Nylon 6.6 fibers provide the carpets stain and soil protection. The same nylon fibers used in Stainmaster carpets are also used in airbags, seatbelts, and parachute chords. If these nylon fibers are trusted to keep you safe while parachuting, then you know you are getting the strongest carpet available. 

Stain Resistant Carpets

Stainmaster’s durability isn’t the only standout feature. The carpets wide selection of colors and collections deliver an abundance of choices to fit your home décor. Additionally, Stainmaster can maintain its soft texture after years of use. 

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