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Carpet Benefits

Top 5 Benefits of Carpet


What grabs your attention first when you visit a new living room? It’s the carpet; just like the nice colored walls and large window panes, the carpet speaks volumes about your style and elegance. We pride ourselves in having cutting edge carpet solutions set to transform your home into a wonderful living space.


Advantages of Carpet


Having a carpet in your home is always a plus. Here’s why;


  • Protection- a carpet protects your floor from spills. If you have young children, you cannot prevent them from spilling drinks and food on the floor, a carpet will keep your wooden floor safe from these incidences.


  • Cost saving- wooden floors need constant polishing to maintain their luster. Carpets are cheaper to maintain, all you have to do is to bring in a professional cleaner once every six months to keep their colors and texture intact. In between, good vacuuming will do the trick.


  • Décor-a carpet uplifts your floor’s image. You can’t always change your entire floor due to the cost implication, but you can change your carpet to suit a new style or mood. In the absence of natural lighting, a bright-colored carpet could improve the appearance of a room in a major way.


  • A carpet can slash your power bills; yes, you heard it, carpeting your floor would go a long way in reducing your power bills. The carpet acts as a pad and keeps a room cozier and warmer; hence you don’t have to spend extra power on warming the house.


  • Padding- feet feel better stepping on a carpeted floor as opposed to a hard one. With a beautiful thick carpet, you could even sit on the floor and enjoy your drink without applying too much pressure on your body.  

Carpet vs. Hardwood

For best results, don’t just get any carpet. It would be prudent to consult a professional before you buy one. At Carpet One, we not only sell carpets; we give advice on the ideal carpet according to your location and lifestyle. For example, if you have young children, we would recommend that you go for carpet that can withstand spillage and other stains.


To learn more about our Carpet options, contact Eberhard Carpet One Floor & Home or visit our showroom in Middletown, NJ. 





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