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Carpet Flooring in Middletown, NJ

Creating an atmosphere of color and comfort, carpet transforms our interiors while cushioning our feet. Today there are more carpet options than ever. It’s easy to incorporate your favorite soft-surfaces into all types of residential and commercial settings.



At Eberhard Carpet One Floor & Home we have a passion for flooring and can find carpet for any space, budget, style, and need. There are heavy-duty carpets made to manage heavy traffic, as well as carpets resisting common stains, odors, and moisture. Modern technology has granted us a wide variety of waterproof carpets. Are you daydreaming about a lush, new carpet? Here are things to keep in mind as you start shopping carpet.


Carpet Types


Today there are so many carpet options that the choices can initially overwhelm. If you consider your family size, lifestyle, and functional needs, narrowing down your products needn’t be difficult. Allergies, pets, children, and activity levels are all factors to weight in to.

The fibers weaving your carpet together, often referred to as pile, determine how your rug will appear, wear, and work. The five major types of carpet pile are level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush. Each one has unique traits and benefits.


Carpet Installation


Carpet should never be used in your bathroom or kitchen, but there are thousands of options for the rest of your home or business. Resilient synthetics fare well in commercial settings, and are also an asset for a busy hallway, staircase, or family room. Stain-resistant varieties are fantastic for homes with pets or little kids. A lush, velvety plush carpet can add ongoing comfort and softness to your master bedroom. The list goes on and on.

Stain-resistant carpet is intended for use in a wide range of residential and commercial spaces, with selections suitable for every style. Like all carpets, stain-resistant carpeting isn’t recommended for bathrooms or kitchens, but rest assured, there are incredible options for any other interior setting.


Our Carpet Selection


As members of Carpet One Floor and Home, the world’s largest independently-owned flooring store network, Eberhard Carpet One proudly serves greater Monmouth County, NJ. Offering unmatched purchasing power spanning over a thousand stores around the nation, and incredible value and service, we carry all your favorite carpet brands and products. Call us today to learn more or to schedule a FREE consultation.




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Prevent Carpet Fading

Prevent Carpet Fading


If you don’t have window treatments in your home, your carpet may be at risk of fading due to damaging UV rays. Learn about carpet fading here.




Caring for Carpet

Carpets are cheaper to maintain than hard surfaces. Simply bring in a professional cleaner once every six months to keep their colors and texture intact. In between, good vacuuming will do the trick.



Caring for Carpet