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Hardwood & Humidity

How does Humidity Affect Hardwood?


Hardwood flooring is always in high demand, but finding the right products that work within your unique home environment requires careful thought and planning. Ideally, your new floor should be compatible with the relative humidity under your roof.


At Eberhard Carpet One Floor & Home of Middletown, NJ, we're here to guide you throughout your journey to new floors: our guidance doesn't end after installation is completed. With our expansive range of flooring products, including solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, and hardwood alternatives, our expert staff can help you meet your ultimate flooring match.


Relative Humidity and Your Floors


One of the best ways to prevent excessive shrinkage and expansion of hardwood flooring in a humid environment is to make sure that it is correctly installed. If possible, place boards in the installation ahead of time to allow your flooring to acclimate to its new environment. By choosing professional installation, a homeowner can take advantage of further support and warranties offered by the installation company. 


For many, the beauty of a hardwood floor is irresistible, but choosing one also means taking on special care of it. Running dehumidifiers in the rooms with hardwood can help keep moisture levels under control while limiting the floor planks' variance over time. While excessive moisture brings the most risks, it is vital that homeowners also pay attention to the potential damage caused by overly dry conditions, such as space between planks or potential cracking.


Hardwood Alternatives


Those who have their heart set on the look of hardwood need not give up on their dream, so long as they are willing to give their floor the care it needs. However, it is essential to consider other flooring options as well. Many laminate floors are designed to resemble wood floors and don't require the same level of maintenance. Luxury vinyl plank is also a choice that offers comfort and remains popular for many. The right flooring expert can help you evaluate your home's dynamic and guide you in determining what choice is best for you. 

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