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Hardwood Flooring Guide in Middletown, NJ


Hardwood Flooring in Middletown, NJ

Beyond looking beautiful in any home setting, hardwood flooring adds value to your home. Plus, hardwoods are great for allergy sufferers since they don’t trap dirt, dust, and debris on the surface. And if you’re looking to invest in hardwood in Middletown, NJ, Eberhard Carpet One Floor & Home can help! We have one of the area’s largest selections of hardwood floors in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.


Our flooring professionals are here to assist you in finding the perfect hardwood flooring for your home or business. Here are some guidelines to consider when choosing your hardwoods.


What Are the Different Types of Hardwood Flooring?

Their unique looks and features make them the perfect addition to your home.

Different species offer differing levels of hardness, color, and grains.


Some hardwood species we carry include:

Sustainable Hardwood Options

Bamboo is rapidly growing in popularity. It’s harder than oak and has about the same hardness as maple, apart from its performance, bamboo has aspects that set it apart from the usual species of wood, making it appealing to many. 


What Hardwood Flooring Brands Do You Offer?

Here at Eberhard, we carry the latest trends in hardwood floors, including our waterproof hardwood brand, Hydrotek™, and best-seller brands like Mirage and Lauzon.


Our hardwood brands include:

Engineered Hardwood vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to choosing the flooring option that is right for your space, keep the area of installation in mind. While both engineered and solid hardwood look similar, there are more differences beneath the surface. Here’s a closer look at these hardwood flooring types and their benefits.


Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood floors, manufactured using up to seven layers of natural wood and resin, are a game-changer. Engineered hardwood floors can manage moisture and climate shifts by combining hardwood’s distinctive finishes and grains with added ingenuity.

Solid Hardwood

The original incarnation of hardwood flooring, solid hardwood floors are made from solid wood planks. Still, solid hardwood floors have their limits. It cannot be used below grade and is best for quiet and dry spaces.

Where Can My Hardwoods Be Installed?

Hardwood floors have limitations when it comes to installation. Solid hardwood floors are best for cool, dry places. They can easily warp if exposed to temperature and humidity changes. Engineered hardwood floors can be used on all levels of your home, including more moisture-prone areas. That means you can put it in hallways, stairs, and even basements. We also have waterproof hardwood floors, which are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and other moisture-prone areas.


Shop Hardwood Near You - Eberhard Carpet One

Eberhard Carpet One Floor & Home has everything you need when it comes to hardwood floors. Our flooring experts can take you through assorted options and help you find hardwood floors for every space. We carry quality name brands, as well as Carpet One exclusive lines. We proudly serve Middletown, Ocean and Monmouth County, East Brunswick, Monroe, Aberdeen, Matawan, NJ, and surrounding areas. Visit our showroom at 947 Route 35 N in Middletown, NJ, to browse our hardwood floor collection.


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